Owncloud connector

Added by yogi viegelinsch over 7 years ago


I wonder if someone is working already on a connector to share files for a project between redmine and owncloud?
Is there a plugin existing for this?

Files should be stored in owncloud and only accessible via redmine (no preference whether via "Documents" or "Repository").

If someone is considering working on this, please leave a message so we can discuss funding.


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RE: Owncloud connector - Added by Jens Krämer over 7 years ago

Interesting idea, and no, there is nothing like that afaik.

I'm using owncloud and Redmine myself so I might be interested to build something like this - drop me a line at .


RE: Owncloud connector - Added by Lukasz Balczewski over 7 years ago

Hi viegelinsch & Jens,
Any update on this one?
It would be great to have a file/document connection between redmine and owncloud.

RE: Owncloud connector - Added by Jens Krämer over 7 years ago

Mounting owncloud via WebDAV and pulling this into Redmine via the file system repository adapter works quite well. I just wrote a bit about this.

I also started work on implementing the federated sharing API introduced with owncloud 7 in a Redmine plugin for server-to-server sharing of files/folders from owncloud to Redmine. Owncloud users could then make files or folders accessible in a Redmine project by sending them to project_identifier@redmine-host.