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12:08 Redmine Feature #24808: OAuth2 support for Redmine API Apps (OAuth2 Provider)
thanks for looking into this! I just created #35075 and #35076 with the first two patches of this series. Both should...
12:07 Redmine Patch #35076 (New): menu manager - generate correct URLs when rendering from a namespaced controller
extracted from the oauth patch set in #24808
this is the second patch from the series, which enhances the menu man...
12:02 Redmine Patch #35075 (New): use named routes in base layout and account sidebar
this is an extraction from the oauth patch set (#24808) as suggested in #24808-21
The patch makes the base layout ...
08:50 Redmine Patch #35073 (New): escape values in LIKE statements to prevent injection of placeholders (_ or %)
While not technically a security risk, LIKE queries with lots of placeholders can result in high database load, very ...
04:31 Redmine Feature #35035: Refactor text formatting to HTML::Pipeline
Totally agree, the potential benefits of switching to html pipeline are quite big. This kind of modularization will a...


12:37 Redmine Patch #32424: CommonMark Markdown Text Formatting
great to see this moving forward :)
I think the addition of CommonMark as an "experimental" third formatting reall...


09:47 Redmine Defect #34921 (Closed): Do not journalize attachments that are added during a "Copy Issue" operation
When copying an issue, the user can change arbitrary values before saving the copy. It is also possible to add attach...


02:41 Redmine Defect #33121: IssueQuery not usable from plugins
As a workaround catching @ActiveRecord::NoDatabaseError@ in the @to_prepare@ block should do the trick.


04:39 Redmine Feature #33071: Prevent accidental deletion of contents with sudo mode
We had actually thought about doing something like this for issue deletion as well, but found it a bit too intrusive ...


03:33 Redmine Patch #34479 (Closed): Fix possible race condition with parallel, identical file uploads
There is a race condition with multiple application processes when uploading multiple identical files at the same tim...

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