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Webhook triggers in Redmine

Added by Anonymous about 4 years ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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To have Redmine be able to at least use POST method with web hooks upon multiple events, similarly implemented in GitLab or GitHub. This will allow to integrate Redmine into other networks, which people may use for team communication.

Trigger event examples:
  • On Issue Created
  • On New Repository Commit
  • On Forum Post
  • On Wiki page edit
  • On Wiki page created
  • On New Document added
  • On New activity
  • On News posted


To make it better than GitLab, you can even allow users to input custom JSON subscribe headers and subscribe body in order to make it compatible with any web hook format, else some services might have parsing problems and result in a rejected request.

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#1 Updated by Anonymous about 4 years ago

The only related feature I found: https://www.redmine.org/issues/23368 but is closed

#2 Updated by Go MAEDA over 3 years ago

#3 Updated by Go MAEDA over 3 years ago

  • Duplicated by Feature #3971: Add new notification abitily. added

#4 Updated by George Chester almost 2 years ago

This would be really nice. I'm trying to join in Camunda BPM into a ticket so a ticket can be assigned a proecess. Webhooks would be wonderful.

Anyone got ideas?

#5 Updated by Олег Кольжанов over 1 year ago

This functional is not realized?

#6 Updated by Ferdinand S 6 months ago

I would also benefit form this feature greatly. We use Shortcut (shortcut.com) as a Scrum tool and it would be great if we could consume Redmine webhooks in order to update user stories in Shortcut.
Is there any plan for this feature?

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