CalDav Sync

Added by Thomas Steinbach about 7 years ago

Hi @all,

I would like to sync the tickets start and end date with my calendar, such that tickets are displayed as a calendar event and changes in the calendar are synced back to the ticket.

But I have no clue of ruby and how to develop redmine plugins. I spent a couple of hours into the plugin tutorial and tried to understand a similar plugin: . However I gave up because I didn't even get the old plugin working.

How can I create a new feature request for Redmine or an appropriate plugin? The plugin should have following requirements:

  • Create a calendar for a filtered query of tickets
  • add time fields for a tickets start and end date
  • beeing able to sync the created calendar via CalDav
  • select per ticket if start and end date should be seperate calendar events or one event with the time span of start and end date

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RE: CalDav Sync - Added by Lu Pon 8 months ago

Great idea! Should be interesting. I have no idea algo but if someone could achieve this would be great.