Invoice Plugin: Distinguish quotation and invoice

Added by Stefanie Nordmann almost 4 years ago


I allready work with redmine's Inovice Plugin but would like to improve the workflow. Note that I am new to being an admin in redmine.

Problem 1:
When creating a new invoice and picking products, it doesn't show any description nor title in the template. Allthough the product is created with that information.

Problem 2:
Right now, redmine shows the last invoice number, that was used, under the field but I have to enter the new number manually. I want it to create a consecutive number. Is there any chance, redmine creates a number automatically AND having the oppotunity to change it manually when needed?

Problem 3 (main problem):
I would like to write invoices and offers in the plugin. I want to use the plugin to first create an offer that contains products. There should be a specific offer number for this (e.g. A123456). Then I want to write an invoice and be able to select the corresponding offer in the invoice template (with a drop-down if possible). The plugin offers the option "Create invoice", but asks for different details about offers, which I have to enter manually. This is very cumbersome and takes a lot of time.
Can the plugin solve my requirements? In the description of the plugin I understood it this way. Can I create offer and invoice with the plugin in different templates? If so, how? Or do I have to differentiate between invoice and offer by the respective number (e.g. A12345 for offer and R67890 for invoices)?

Thank you very much for advice!

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RE: Invoice Plugin: Distinguish quotation and invoice - Added by Dimitar Chervenakov over 3 years ago

Hello, Stefanie!

It is Dimitar from RedmineUP Support.

Problem 1. It is a known problem which is already fixed but not implemented to the official version yet. Please contact to receive the fixed plugin.

Problem 2. Could you please tell me what version of Invoices plugin do you use? Please provide this information while contacting our support mail regarding Problem 1.

Problem 3 (main problem). By now there is no way to create an offer. There is "deals" and "orders" possibilities. However, thank you very much for your suggestion. Please mention it also while contacting our support mail so it will be forwarded to our Product Development team. We will keep it in mind during future versions development. We always implement our customer's requests if they are not too complicated and could be useful for multiple customers. Also, if you like, we may develop such feature especially for you. Prices and options for the custom development will be provided on .