Looking for a JIRA alternative for personal life/use

Added by Ashish Gada almost 4 years ago

Is anyone aware of a free/cheaper JIRA alternative? Looking for something for personal use. JIRA isn't poorly priced, but figured id someone knew of something similar for cheaper (or preferably free) before I got into that.

What I like about JIRA:

Being able to make Projects and place Epics => Tasks inside of it.

track how long I spend on different items vs. how long I thought I would

Visualize how long something will take

Potentially, invite other users to see and help.

This is not just for programming, I wanted to try and expand my work task management style to personal life and track hobby progress as well as household repairs that need to be taken care of. I'm looking at Todoist now but am not sure if thats exactly what I am going for.

I know this is the node subreddit, but I figured you guys would know what I meant.