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09:45 Redmine Plugins: Redmine Git Integration
My lecturer set up a Redmine environment for me and I have to expand it with a Git-Repository. He said using the cons...
09:44 Redmine Open discussion: Where did people on redmine migrate to ?
I've been looking into alternatives.. due to lack of open plugin support for redmine ( such as kanban ) .
I notice...


08:12 Redmine Plugins: Looking for a JIRA alternative for personal life/use
Is anyone aware of a free/cheaper JIRA alternative? Looking for something for personal use. JIRA isn't poorly priced,...
08:11 Redmine Open discussion: software and issue tracking ideas
I recently started a new position as a Release Manager with a company that also wanted infrastructure background as w...


11:37 Redmine Development: Redmine plugin with Issues template
Hello, I'm not sure this is the right place to post, if not i'm sorry.
my and my mate are trying to make a Plugin ...
11:26 Redmine Open discussion: Using Redmine for Change Control and Ticketing
Hey all, installed and setup redmine on ubuntu 16.04 and have it running and working. Now looking into some of the pl...


10:56 Redmine Open discussion: Your opinion on the quality undertaking management and version manage combo for ...
hello oldsters,
The challenge is a SaaS all running on Linux machines. currently there are approximately 3 devs an...

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