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09:45 Redmine Plugins: Redmine Git Integration
My lecturer set up a Redmine environment for me and I have to expand it with a Git-Repository. He said using the cons... Ashish Gada
09:44 Redmine Open discussion: Where did people on redmine migrate to ?
I've been looking into alternatives.. due to lack of open plugin support for redmine ( such as kanban ) .
I notice...
Ashish Gada


08:12 Redmine Plugins: Looking for a JIRA alternative for personal life/use
Is anyone aware of a free/cheaper JIRA alternative? Looking for something for personal use. JIRA isn't poorly priced,... Ashish Gada
08:11 Redmine Open discussion: software and issue tracking ideas
I recently started a new position as a Release Manager with a company that also wanted infrastructure background as w... Ashish Gada


11:37 Redmine Development: Redmine plugin with Issues template
Hello, I'm not sure this is the right place to post, if not i'm sorry.
my and my mate are trying to make a Plugin ...
Ashish Gada
11:26 Redmine Open discussion: Using Redmine for Change Control and Ticketing
Hey all, installed and setup redmine on ubuntu 16.04 and have it running and working. Now looking into some of the pl... Ashish Gada

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