Proposal for a redmine testboard plugin

Added by Jens Goldhammer about 15 years ago


I had the idea to create a plugin for redmine which can be used as a testcase management system.
I have attached my ideas as a mindmap picture.
Do you have some other idea which I could consider?

I want to know your opinion if it makes sense to integrate it into Redmine. Besides I want to know if somebody else works on that feature to avoid duplication of work.


Redmine_Testboard_Plugin.png (352 KB) Redmine_Testboard_Plugin.png Redmine Testboard Plugin Mindmap

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RE: Proposal for a redmine testboard plugin - Added by Terence Mill over 13 years ago

Is the test execution data saved as comment on the origin issue?
How is the model done, i mean is seems that there are entities: redmine issue, test-suite (kind of grouping for issues - what could be done by category also btw.), enviornment (does that describe "the software and hardware the system under test" runs on?) and test execution.
Is there a 1 to many correlation between issue ans test excecution and 1:1 between evironment and test exceution?

We would need the ability to define additionally fields for the evironment, not just a name, or at least a link field to a wiki site.

Generally w would see every issue as "testable",so there is no special tracker for test only, but features from the feature and bug tracker has no be tested as step of a complete software deveiopment lifecycle at the very end. Of course ther can be test cases without a regular change also.
If redcase would query all issues from all trackers that have set a in redcase configurable defined status as standard issue status (so trackers with a workflow without that status won't get queried issues), e.g. the status named "testit", than it can be part in between every regular issue lifecycle of very tracker - not only specical "test" tracker- e.g. like bugs and feature trackers.

RE: Proposal for a redmine testboard plugin - Added by Amol Pujari over 11 years ago

each test case can have a executable test case e.g. watir test case in the background
there will be watir(cucumber) output to be attached the tat perticular run of the test case
there could be testsuites combining more test cases
there should be a way to execute testcase or multiple testsuites
we should be able to track test run history(this is too much though)