redmine drawio plugin, new custom library

Added by cristian hansen 5 months ago

Hi all

I am trying to figure out how i can create a drawio custom library through the plugin.
Normally (as far as i can tell) you go to file -> new library, but this option is not available to me.

I have a scratchpad, but that wont allow me to create a custom library that i can populate with shapes and share with my team.

So the question is
How can i create a new custom library, that i can populate with custom shapes and share with others so the library always is
present when using the plugin on par with the default libraries.

I hope it makes sense, i am new to redmine and drawio.

Thanks in advance
Best regards.

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RE: redmine drawio plugin, new custom library - Added by Michele Tessaro 5 months ago

I need to verify the code used to start the diagram editor: when starting the editor the are some options that can be passed to configure what is available in the editor. Maybe there is an option to activate the menù option.
Please open an issue in GitHub, it is more easy for me to be informed on requests and bugs related to this plugin.