Redmine Google Calendar plugin - v.0.1.2 released

Added by Mischa The Evil about 13 years ago

I hereby announce the release of the Redmine Google Calendar plugin version 0.1.2. This second point-release after the initial work of Jim Mulholland reflects the recent move of the plugin's sources completely. The first point-release (0.1.1) fixed several issues which came up while running the plugin on a development version of Redmine.

Here comes the changelog of versions 0.1.1 and 0.1.2:

  • 0.1.2 (29-06-2009):
    • Enhancement: Add copyright-file
    • Enhancement: Bring README.rdoc up-to-date and in-sync with the updated wiki-page on (reflect move of the plugins' SCM-repo)
  • 0.1.1 (14-06-2009):
    • Defect: Fix compatibility with Redmine trunk while keeping it compatible with Redmine 0.8.x
    • Defect: Fix development-mode compatibility with Redmine trunk while keeping it compatible with Redmine 0.8.x in development-mode
    • Defect: Currently selected project custom field for the iframe-source is not reflected in the view
    • Enhancement: Remove obsolete "net/imap"-requirement
    • Enhancement: Carry-out the plugin name consequently through all code(-comments)
    • Enhancement: Rename the "settings"-partial to prevent collision with other plugins
    • Enhancement: Structurize the code-layout (indention, spaces etc.) and remove obsolete code-comments
    • Enhancement: Update and improve the delivered documentation
    • Enhancement: More verbose logging while starting the plugin
    • Enhancement: Update and structurize the licensing documentation
    • Enhancement: Add license-file
    • Enhancement: Remove obsolete files and directories
    • Enhancement: Add changelog-file

Please refer to the plugin's wiki-page (Google Calendar plugin) for more details (e.g. about how to upgrade to the latest version or about where the plugin sources can be downloaded).

Kind regards,

Mischa The Evil.