Development forum and/or dev-team forums

Added by Felix Schäfer almost 14 years ago

In the wake of the dev meeting and the organization in teams, I think we need some means to interact inside of and coordinate the teams. I propose that we open a new forum (call it development or something like that) for development discussions, and ideally a subforum for each team (though I haven't seen any subforum functionality in redmine yet?). I am aware and agree that there might be better solutions, but I think keeping the barrier of entry low (forums are viewed as "easier" to use than MLs by most people, you'd only need the login you have on redmine as opposed to yet another login, …) and keeping everything on is important.

Thoughts? (or even implementation if Eric or JP happen to be around here?)

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RE: Development forum and/or dev-team forums - Added by Shane Pearlman almost 14 years ago

I second the dev forum. I'm sure igor, eric and I would be stoked to have a clear place to manage UX dialogs.

RE: Development forum and/or dev-team forums - Added by Eric Davis almost 14 years ago

Since we have a Development forum now, I propose we just keep team posts in here. If something is very team specific, we can prefix the subject line (e.g. "Dev - Working on...", "PR - New press release"). I'm going to try to cycle through this forum more often than the Help/Support forums so the teams can keep busy.

Eric Davis