REST API improvements

Added by Alex Last almost 11 years ago

Hi guys.
As you probably already know :) , we're working on an application, which enables data transfer between Redmine and several other systems - like other Redmines or even MSProject.

Here's a list of REST API improvements, which would be very useful for the application: Add spent_hours to /issues/index API "get user" response does not include the user login name change "author" field format to have login, fname, lname instead of ambiguous "full name" REST API to create Project Versions Expose Redmine server settings via REST API

I believe these improvements will benefits Redmine because it would make it easier to connect it with the other systems.

we could try creating patches for some of these requests (although we don't know Ruby so it would take some time...). The problem is that I'm not sure if the patches would be accepted, as I see tons of them being ignored for years.

Guys, Redmine still have a chance to become a great task management system, but we need to improve its inter-operability with the 3rd party systems (by improving REST API), plus make some UI improvements to make it more "task-oriented" instead of "form editing application".

thanks for the good work! we hope to see v. 1.4.0 soon.