RESTful API missing some data to really be complete

Added by Florian Delizy over 7 years ago

Hi everyone,

I am working into some redmine integration using the RESTful API provided.

So far, I saw a few missing data in the existing requests :

- it is impossible so far to know which standard fields have been assigned in the tracker configuration :

In the tracker admin page, you can choose to display or not a standard field. I find nowhere a RESTful request that would give me the information that a specific field is activated or not for a given tracker…

- it is impossible so far to know what custom fields is assigned to a project (only to the tracker)

A custom field can be activated on a tracker depending or which project the issue is filed on. In the /project/ID/custom_fields.xml request, all you get is a list of trackers the custom fields is assigned to, but not the list of projects it is assigned.

Those two are quite bugging me, making automatic structure discovery quite impossible :/

Another thing is that to browse the custom fields, for some reason, the request user must be admin o_O?

Is there any workaround those limitation ? or any plan to improve this?

(BTW, I created issues #16522 and #16523 on the subject as well).