AWS RDS SSL connection Error mysql2 in Redmine database yml

Added by Thilak g about 4 years ago


I have hosted redmine on AWS it was working properly, Suddenly last two days its showing error We're sorry, but something went wrong. The issue has been logged for investigation. Please try again later.

I have checked apache2 server log, it shows
Error ID: 53a00391
Error details saved to: /tmp/passenger-error-ISPn8Y.html
Message from application: SSL connection error: error:00000001:lib(0):func(0):reason(1) (Mysql2::Error)

so i have updated AWS RDS Mysql SSL connection, RDS Mysql SSL connection working properly when i tried to connect through command

(Please see attached image)


<<: *default
database: database
u;sername: user
password: ******
host: *****
port: 3306
sslverify: true
sslmode: 'REQUIRED'
sslca: /path/to/**.pem

Still i am getting same SSL connection Error

Could any one please help me to resolve this error.


mysql.jpg (172 KB) mysql.jpg Mysql connection through Command