API Rest - Image attachments broken

Added by Federico Vergelli over 2 years ago

Hello folks, this is the issue I'm having right now:

Summary: Whenever I try to upload an image file (whether is png or jpg) through the Rest service, it shows itself broken. It happens only with the images, the rest uploads just fine.

- Redmine 4.2.1 on Docker container
- Requests made by Python's library (request) [Python: 3.9]

I've made a couple of functions to manage a massive file upload to the server. I make these requests from a Python Notebook. These functions upload an attachment to an existing issue, so that's why I make use of the PUT method, as Redmine docs say it's supported. When I go to the UI the image is shown broken, and the browser console shows Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) for each image file there was attached to this issue.

Steps to reproduce:

My requests look something like this:


            # Opening the file
            file_n = {'file': open( 'files\{}'.format( file),'rb')}

            # The API call to upload the file
            response = url_objective + '/uploads.json?filename={}'.format( file), 
                                files=file_n, headers={"Content-Type":"application/octet-stream"},
                                verify=False, auth=(  conections_objetivo["user"], conections_objetivo["password"]))

            # Very self explanatory
            if str( response) == "<Response [201]>":

                # Variabilizing the token 
                token = response.json()["upload"]["token"]

                # the body of the PUT method
                body = {
                "issue": {
                    "uploads": [
                    {"token":"{}".format( token), "filename":"{}".format( file), "content_type":"{}".format( content_type_formater( file))}
                # The PUT method
                response = requests.put( url_objetivo + '/issues/{}.json'.format( issue_id_finder( issue)), json=body, headers={"Content-Type":"application/json"},
                                            verify=False, auth=(  conections_objetivo["user"], conections_objetivo["password"]))


  • file is the file in string type
  • content_type_formater( file) is a well-defined function that simply returns
    "png": "image/png",
    "jpg": "image/jpeg",
    "txt": "text/plain"
    depending the case.

Any advice?