How to look for professionals

Added by Jan Niggemann ( team member) over 9 years ago

How to use this forum

Please post here if you (or your organization) are looking for professional (= paid) help with redmine.
Do not write new posts here if you are an individual or organization providing services related to redmine. You may ask questions relating to existing offers though.

How to make your post worthwhile

You want applicants to get a first impression of the job offered, please consider including the following information (click to unfold):

Contact person and organization


Contract type


  • If you have found the help you were looking for, do yourself a favor and add the word CLOSED as the very first word of the subject.
  • Expect replies to your post asking for clarification and / or additional information. In that case, please edit your post to include the desired information, so that all the information needed is contained in the first post.
  • To keep the forum clean, we will prepend the word CLOSED to the title of your post and lock the post roughly after 3 month. Please contact us if you're still searching so we can unlock the post for you.


Additions to these instructions

I put these instructions together rather quickly, please contact me for additions and / or changes that would facilitate them.