CLOSED - Advanced mail handling module required (EN,RU)

Added by Leonid Titov about 9 years ago

Hello all!

I'm looking for a person who can develop a special mail handling module compatible with Redmine 2.3.1. Possible adaptation for future Redmine releases should be considered.

Mail handling module should track References and In-reply-to headers of incoming emails, store them in database together with issue id and check this database before issue creating: if there are no stored References and In-reply-to headers - create a new issue as usual and store all these headers together with new issue id. If there are some stored References and In-reply-to headers found - update all issues, which were linked to that headers; store all new References and In-reply-to headers together with all updated issues.

Fixed fee is expected.

This SW module should be easily installed into production redmine installation and should be compatible with usual redmine upgrade procedure.

Please contact me via leonid.titov at gmail dot com with your offers and questions.