[CLOSED] Investigate and fix bug in redmine_workflow_enhancements plugin

Added by Stuart Whelan about 5 years ago

We are looking for someone to fix the following issue:

Please also provide separate pricing on updating the plugin for 4.x compatibility.

Include some information about your previous experience with Redmine plugin development, the typical hourly rate you charge for your services and an estimate on the amount of time to investigate the issue.

The contractor will have to sign an NDA and will not be given any access to our systems or Redmine instance. Debug logs from a test Redmine instance could be made available.

We will also be using this job as an opportunity to find a contractor we can ask to do further Redmine bugfix and customisation work.

Your contact will be with me, Stuart Whelan, Principal DevOps Engineer at Rocket Lab USA via email on . My timezone is NZST[UTC+12]. Language must be English.