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Change the color of resolved issue

Added by Mahdi El Masaoudi over 12 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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When an issue is resolved, it will be more easy for viewer to have it in an other color (green in general)

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Updated by Daniel Albuschat over 12 years ago

In the issue list or in the detail view (currently yellow/sand-coloured background)?

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Updated by Dipan Mehta about 11 years ago

+1. This is very important feature to have.

Rational: In our process - resolved implies mostly the "work is done" - closure of the ticket happens finally when the code is merged in the release (or rc) or any other approval is pending which is mostly formalities.

Infact, typically release manager would wait till most stuff is resolved, to get this activities in action.

So we want to see quickly in the in the version's roadmap - how many issues are in resolved state which in current Redmine have no different style from New (closed is not the same thing!)

This is achievable very quickly, and we have done internal modifications for the same. I can also give out patch if anyone wants to use it.

There is only 1 Critical concern:

The "Resolved" state is not a standard or fixed conditions (closed?). So which state you want to call 'Resolved' is something depends on your configuration? There are few possibilities:

  1. search status_by_name 'Resolved' should suffice?
    • doesn't change any config and doesn't hurt when such state is not used.
  2. Should this be an additional flag in the issues' table? (another flag similar to 'closed?' flag)
    • looks like many will not like to change DB
  3. The criteria can be done based on %done
    • this is what we actually do keep done 90 implies 'finished'
  4. Additional configuration parameters in 'Settings page' or issue statuses page?

I need feedback, on what options should we go about such that eventually this could be part of the Redmine core itself. Also, if the patch is available, do people think this is useful feature to be taken up on Redmine core?

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Updated by Dipan Mehta about 11 years ago

Add related #13258

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Updated by Daniel Felix about 11 years ago

This could be resolved with #4967.

This is not quite a duplicate but nearly.
I'll provide a patch for the default theme as fast as possible.


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