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16:09 Redmine Plugins: RE: Plugin 404 Errors
Thanks Stephen Curran, renaming the folder helped for me, too! Daniel Albuschat
07:28 Redmine Feature #8016: Drag-and-drop issue (ticket) ordering
+1, James Robertson's two-year-old attempt seems feasible to me.
Although sorting in one specific view (in a version...
Daniel Albuschat


13:26 Redmine Feature #6974: Define manually the versions order in Roadmap (when date isn't defined)
+1 from me, too.
We use Versions as "Milestones" with descriptive texts, hence an alphabetical order is not useful t...
Daniel Albuschat


13:39 Redmine Feature #10999: Ticket list filter: More flexible filter conditions
The first suggestion is related to #1140. Daniel Albuschat
13:36 Redmine Feature #6332: "OR" filter and not only "AND" filter
I'd like to create a filter that shows tickets that are scheduled for today (call it "Today's tickets"). But the ...
Daniel Albuschat


08:55 Redmine Feature #2529: Extend Issue Summary to include subprojects
This is really necessary for me to make use of the summary at all ;/
Daniel Albuschat
08:39 Redmine Feature #7269: Sort versions by version numbers x.y.z{z} instead of alphabetically
Actually, since we don't use numbers in versions at all (bug instead some fancy names), I'd prefer a custom sorting.
Daniel Albuschat


12:39 Redmine Feature #5275: Show tree of issues instead of a list in Roadmap
This is in some way related to #7907. IMHO, the ticket list in the Roadmap should be replaced by - or at least made m... Daniel Albuschat
12:31 Redmine Feature #10296: parent-child relation in issue list
See #7907 Daniel Albuschat


09:06 Redmine Defect #5114: New issue statuses not showing up in old workflows
Me, too ;)
Without the pointer in this ticket I think I might not have found out why my statuses did not show up.
Daniel Albuschat

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