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Define manually the versions order in Roadmap (when date isn't defined)

Added by St├ęphane Klein over 9 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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in my project, I've many versions in my Roadmap.

Actually version are ordered by date and by title.

In my project, I don't define release date, however I would like to define the versions order.

Is it possible to append this feature ?


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#1 Updated by Dipan Mehta over 7 years ago

+100. This is a very critical functionality.

Version name (automated) sorting has been an issue with debates and still there seems no universally accepted way. See related issues: #11153 vs. #12814. What is otherwise not reported but becomes even more mess when there are multiple projects sharing their versions across tree/hierarchy and none has a date for it!

Other related issues are: #6881, #7269, #8080

The trouble is, there won't ever be a one-fit-solution-for-all. I think best situation can be if the versions are allowed to be explicitly manually ordered on the versions page.

It doesn't take a genius to make it -but might ease everyone's problems.

+100 please implement this.

#2 Updated by Daniel Albuschat over 6 years ago

+1 from me, too.
We use Versions as "Milestones" with descriptive texts, hence an alphabetical order is not useful to us.
We use redmine to plan our projects, too, and there are no due dates while planning.
This means that versions are in a totally useless order while planning a project, which is a real burden to the planner and makes it difficult to talk about a project in the planning phase based on the roadmap.

#3 Updated by ixbidie ixbidie over 6 years ago

+1 too
joining my previous speakers

#4 Updated by chu chu over 5 years ago


I think most people want least version in top of the list, like

If I made the PR, will you accept it?

#5 Updated by Bryn Jeffries over 5 years ago

Ideally this should be configurable, but by default the order should by according to the displayed text. I can get what I want by hacking app/models/version.rb to

  # Versions are sorted by name
  # then by effective date (nulls lose) and then id
  def <=>(version)
    if name == version.name
      if self.effective_date
        if version.effective_date
          self.effective_date == version.effective_date ? id <=> version.id : self.effective_date <=> version.effective_date
      name <=> version.name

#6 Updated by nano devel over 3 years ago


#7 Updated by Klavs Klavsen over 2 years ago

Will this ever get accepted into redmine? I'm really missing it :(

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