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20:12 Redmine Feature #13585: Make sub-task inherit the properties of parent
Edosoft Factory wrote:
> You should checkout Subtasks Inherited Fields Plugin at


03:20 Redmine Defect #7128: New gantt chart does not render subtasks under parent task
Subtasks still do not get placed under parent tasks, at least in the case where the subtasks have no target version.
01:27 Redmine Feature #10927: Add a filter on the "Issues" page to hide subtasks
+1 This would be a very useful feature.
Also, this is not a duplicate, although #9992 could be used as a means of ...


21:58 Redmine Feature #6974: Define manually the versions order in Roadmap (when date isn't defined)
Ideally this should be configurable, but by default the order should by according to the displayed text. I can ge...


21:31 Redmine Help: RE: LDAP authorisation with OpenLDAP
Just to add to what appears to be one of the few decent examples of getting LDAP up and running in Redmine.
To get...

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