Defect #10124

Unable to select Status after changing an Issues Tracker

Added by Florian Mueller over 10 years ago.

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Category:Issues workflow
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Resolution: Affected version:1.3.0



Steps to reproduce:

I assume the trackers "bug" and "feature" exist. Now add a new status to feature which does not exist in the bug-workflow, e.g. "accepted" (and add that to feature's workflow).

Create a new feature, set the status to "accepted" and save it. Now update it and set the tracker to "bug" and save it again.

Now you are not able to change the status of that issue anymore, because there is no transition defined for status "accepted" to another one inside the bug's workflow.

Proposed Solution:

Fallback to the first status if the status set is not available in the current tracker's workflow.

Regards, Florian

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