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Advanced projects dependencies support

Added by Gregory Romé about 12 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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The idea is to adds a new projects dependencies support for being able to manage multiple projects relationships and their related versions ones.

A simple example will be more explicit.


I have 5 projects on my Redmine server:

  • AppA -- an application
  • AppB -- an application
  • LibX -- a library
  • LibY -- a library
  • LibZ -- a library

Projects dependencies

The dependencies:

  • AppA uses LibX and LibY.
  • AppB uses LibZ
  • LibZ requires LibX

I would like to display all issues impacting the project AppA & AppB but I can not use the tree hierarchy (parent left/right) for that because LibX
can not appear in the AppA and the AppB hierarchy.

AppA -- LibX
     -- LibY
AppB -- LibZ

In this case I do not see LibX issue in AppB.

I need:

AppA -- LibX
     -- LibY
AppB -- LibZ -- LibX

Which is virtually:

AppA -- LibY
AppB -- LibZ

Version dependencies

Moreover another interesting dependency to track is the versions relate ones.

The version dependencies:

  • AppA-1.0 uses LibX-0.4.0 and LibY-1.1.0
  • AppB-2.4 uses LibZ-1.3.1
  • LibZ-1.3.1 requires LibZ-0.5.0

I would like to be able to see all issues fixed in AppA-1.0 and AppB-2.4


  1. Is it relevant ?
  2. Should this feature be a patch or a plugin ?
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Updated by David Fouche over 11 years ago

I have the same needs.

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Updated by Terence Mill over 11 years ago

I would like to be able to see all issues fixed in AppA-1.0 and AppB-2.4

If you wanna see all issues being fixed in several versions of any project you need a filter for project versions on all projects issues. I thought that is already possible but in fact didn't find the version field as filter on the all issues view ( Maybe i missed stgh. , however that would fullfill this part of your request.

I can follow your general problem/idea of software components/libaries using each other i a network like structure, what is just as software compoents reuse works. One Hierarchy won't work, you are right. But i don't see what your are missing in redmine and how you wanna solve it. What is the the exact use case, what role shall do what and see what which what information in mind.

One idea of mine is, that you say in app version v1 you need to depend on library version v0.3 an therefore have a blocker relatiton on version level. A the moment only relations of issues are possible, so you need to create an feature in app v1 "upgrade to new library v0.3 " with a blocked by relation to an issue "blocker for any outside usage of this version" in library0.3. Better would be the app feature is blocked as long the whole library v0.3 isn't closed (released), but blocng by project version isn't possible so far. THis would be for exmaple a kind of solution for this specific use case. can relate every issue with every other issues, since latest changes in redmine. Check the wiki and issues since 2.x, there is also a configurable switch on system level, as far as i know.


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