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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category
17552RedminePatchNewBringing together of the translation of Members at polish translation2014-07-24 20:06Translations
17551RedmineDefectNewClosed Ticket not opening Again2014-07-24 17:16
17550RedmineDefectNewSpent time in exported CSV is wrong2014-07-24 19:58
17542RedmineDefectNewGantt lost informations when export to pdf or png2014-07-23 17:39Gantt
17541RedmineDefectNewCan't alter category of an issue2014-07-24 09:51
17540RedmineDefectNewViewing user pages does not work after rename2014-07-23 12:31UI
17538RedmineFeatureNewDisplay priority of related issues2014-07-23 11:44Issues
17535RedmineFeatureNewCustom fields maths2014-07-23 00:21Custom fields
17534RedmineFeatureNewResource histogram2014-07-23 00:17Issues planning
17520RedmineDefectNewWhen I edit a saved Query I lose my project focus2014-07-22 03:13Issues
17517RedmineDefectNewAttempting to Add a Related Issue Multiple Times Sequentially Causes 5002014-07-21 18:59UI
17511RedmineDefectNewWiki URL 404 when using markdown2014-07-21 10:34
17500RedmineFeatureNewVisibility/Use-ability/Creation Settings for Issue Trackers per Role per Project.2014-07-21 13:05Issues permissions
17499RedmineFeatureNewIssues Do Not Copy when Issue Tracker is Disabled from "Copy From" Project2014-07-18 18:19Issues planning
17497RedmineDefectNewBad Request in repository when there is a '%' in the svn-folder-name2014-07-18 16:36
17492RedminePatchNewLowering configuration.example.yml confusion2014-07-17 11:30Email notifications
17486RedmineDefectNewinternal server error 500 when removing user from group2014-07-17 00:42Groups
17485RedmineFeatureNewDisplay spent time for each tracker in project overview2014-07-17 02:05Time tracking
17484RedmineDefectNewCustom fields added to "spent time" don't show in context menu2014-07-16 17:17Time tracking
17474RedmineFeatureNewAllow configuration of notification level per project2014-07-16 08:34Email notifications
17469RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackAdd percentage done on project's version2014-07-16 14:12Roadmap
17465RedmineFeatureNewFiles page: change the version (group) without re-upload2014-07-15 09:25
17462RedmineFeatureNewCreate a dynamic table navigation view in my welcome page.2014-07-15 06:34
17461RedmineFeatureNewAdd new file in issue ticket. Can this file be viewed in File module?2014-07-15 06:01Documentation
17460RedmineDefectNewRedmine 2.5.2 incompatible with mysql-5.7.3-m132014-07-15 00:10Database

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