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18254RedminePatchNewJapanese translation update (r13499)2014-11-01 10:38Translations
18253RedmineFeatureNewMultiple level of grouping & sorting in Issue List2014-11-01 09:15Issues
18250RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackSubversion Password2014-10-31 23:36SCM
18249RedmineFeatureNewMove DEFAULT_MYPAGE to configuration file2014-10-31 15:25My page
18245RedmineFeatureNewDocuments REST API2014-10-30 22:13REST API
18243RedmineFeatureNewDisplay list of page attachments in edit mode2014-10-30 16:12Wiki
18237RedmineDefectNewFrom a rake task context, impossible to create an IssueRelation normally2014-10-30 09:06Issues
18223RedmineDefectNewTable renders wrong is a space is after | symbol.2014-10-29 10:07Text formatting
18220RedmineFeatureNewAllow Redmine to run as a Rails Engine2014-10-28 20:23
18209RedminePatchNewAdd e-mail notification option: Tracker updated2014-10-27 15:24Email notifications
18201RedmineDefectNewInternal server error (500): invalid byte sequence in UTF-82014-10-27 09:56
18193RedmineFeatureNewAdd ability to filter users list by Authentication mode2014-10-25 00:30
18192RedmineDefectNewLDAP tests not running with Rails 4.12014-10-24 23:02LDAP
18189RedmineFeatureNewAbility to display Issue Count in the sidebar next to custom queries2014-10-25 00:08Issues
18184RedmineFeatureNewCalculate parent task done ratio based on subtask status.2014-10-24 16:19Issues planning
18170RedmineFeatureNewMake subject.strip in app/models/mail_handler.rb configurable2014-10-23 15:27Email receiving
18163RedmineFeatureNewActivity entry when a file is added to an issue2014-10-24 00:03Activity view
18148RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackhook controller_account_success_authentication_after not called with auth_sources2014-10-28 19:26Accounts / authentication
18137RedmineFeatureNewAfter Installing Redmine (> 2.5.x) on Heroku2014-10-20 11:48Wiki
18134RedminePatchNewIssues with svn:mergeinfo property values and r13443 rails-4.1 rebase.2014-10-27 07:52Code cleanup/refactoring
18129RedmineFeatureNewInsert spent time when creating new issue2014-10-18 17:14Issues
18128RedminePatchNewMake User profile 404 rendering more consistent (and speed up Users#show API)2014-10-21 12:48Accounts / authentication
18126RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting up version hierarchy2014-10-17 13:46
18122RedmineFeatureNewproblems with ms sql database - permissions solved2014-10-17 11:01Documentation
18120RedmineFeatureNewThumbnail link with better image name2014-10-17 02:02Attachments

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