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19287RedmineDefectNewTeste2015-03-06 02:36
19286RedmineDefectNewTeste2015-03-06 02:20
19285RedmineDefectNewInstallation Redmine with redmine_git_plugin2015-03-05 21:58Issues
19284RedmineDefectNewInline code doesn't get formatted in the first comment2015-03-05 20:30
19283RedmineDefectNewsend_notification visible in journal_details after redmine update2015-03-05 15:18Issues
19278RedmineFeatureNewFilter child task in parent task page2015-03-05 10:35Issues
19276RedmineDefectNewCreating new issues through REST API 403 in Redmine 3.0.02015-03-05 03:09REST API
19274RedmineDefectNewPlugin Model Creation Failure2015-03-05 16:29Plugin API
19273RedmineDefectNewacts_as_searchable.rb only seems to be case insensitive if postgresql2015-03-05 03:19Search engine
19271RedmineDefectNewConfiguration of which versions (by version-status) are shown in version-format custom fields should not affect issue query2015-03-04 14:26Custom fields
19270RedmineDefectNewCreating new journal entries through REST API broken in Redmine 3.0.02015-03-04 11:48REST API
19261RedmineFeatureNewmigrate_from_mantis for specific project2015-03-05 00:57Importers
19260RedmineDefectNewnon-default identifier-less git repositories are undeletable2015-03-04 04:45Administration
19259RedmineDefectNewPOPAuthenticationError: Command is not valid in this state2015-03-03 18:15Email receiving
19253RedmineDefectNewRepository users broken if only one committer exists2015-03-05 00:01SCM
19252RedmineDefectConfirmed2 IssuesController tests fail with SQLite3 database2015-03-03 13:33
19250RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackPayment Getway Veritrans2015-03-05 11:58Plugin Request
19248RedmineDefectNewgantt's pdf line end mark's position2015-03-03 11:54Gantt
19243RedmineDefectNewAmbiguous date format options2015-03-03 07:24Administration
19242RedminePatchNewPatch to the Redmine Mail Handler for overriding the sender, and adding custom header/footers to imported e-mails2015-03-05 12:00Email receiving
19237RedmineFeatureNewGet data from database to custom field2015-03-02 15:24Custom fields
19234RedmineDefectNewProblem with prefilled issue forms and custom fields2015-03-02 16:54Custom fields
19233RedminePatchNewChange 20150113213922_remove_users_mail.rb from Irreversible to Reversible2015-03-04 04:47Database
19232RedmineDefectNewIMAP STARTTLS options typo :tls2015-03-02 10:53Email receiving
19231RedmineFeatureNewLink between "status" and "assigned to" filds2015-03-02 10:53

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