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17724RedminePatchNewTime Entries Report: Reset links behave inconsistent 2014-08-22 10:04UI
17722RedmineDefectNewPlugin update check not working if redmine is viewed over https2014-08-21 21:13Security
17720RedmineFeatureNewNeed to be able to filter by "updated by"2014-08-21 12:51Issues workflow
17718RedminePatchNewBody delimiters to truncate emails do not take uncommon whitespace into account2014-08-20 18:29Email receiving
17713RedmineDefectNewsend_reminders not reliable2014-08-20 00:12Email notifications
17705RedminePatchNewImprove incoming email issue subject recognition2014-08-18 13:56Email receiving
17700RedmineDefectNewExcessive DB querying when Allow Group Issue Assignment is enabled2014-08-17 06:56Performance
17699RedminePatchNewParse email with header "From" in parentheses format2014-08-18 12:53Email receiving
17698RedmineDefectNewDate format is incorrect2014-08-15 19:03Roadmap
17693RedmineFeatureNewPM Canvas Plugin2014-08-14 14:08Plugin Request
17689RedmineFeatureNewDe-List or cleraly mark commercial plugins2014-08-15 01:23
17688RedmineDefectNewBroken email notifications for Forum messages2014-08-14 10:23Email notifications
17686RedmineDefectResolvedMarkDownFormatting: Sections support.2014-08-14 08:45Wiki
17679RedmineDefectNewAttached inline image not working2014-08-16 02:11Wiki
17669RedmineDefectNewCan't modify public reports for non admin users.2014-08-12 17:37Projects
17668RedmineFeatureNewBCC or not bcc by module2014-08-12 17:09Email notifications
17666RedmineFeatureNewTickets: Allow custom queries to display as (virtual) Module/Tab2014-08-12 15:35UI
17664RedmineDefectNewProject-specific custom fields should also be searchable when showing all issues - if the user only has this project assigned2014-08-12 13:50Issues
17660RedmineFeatureNewGantt chart-increase column size of issue description2014-08-12 11:57Gantt
17658RedmineDefectNewSummary report against Version needs to be more more detailed2014-08-12 06:42Issues
17642RedmineFeatureNewProvide a QR Code of the API key to auto log-in with mobile apps2014-08-09 13:32REST API
17641RedmineFeatureNewUser-specific setting to enable or disable the display of gravatars2014-08-11 08:50Themes
17632RedmineDefectNewUsers can't see private notes created by themselves if "Mark notes as private" is set but "View private notes" is not2014-08-08 08:38
17630RedmineDefectNewNon-Administrator account can't show Issues list on multi role.2014-08-08 06:56Issues permissions
17629RedmineFeatureNewMake users with same name distinguishable when adding watchers2014-08-10 06:08UI

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