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19934RedmineFeatureNewHide log time entry block available in issue edit form when status is 'New'2015-05-23 12:54Issues
19933RedmineDefectNewWatcher not notified upon issue creation2015-05-23 12:12Email notifications
19925RedmineDefectNewArabic settings page - Icons are not aligned correctly2015-05-22 23:55I18n
19924RedmineDefectNewAdding subtask takes very long2015-05-22 15:46Performance
19921RedmineFeatureNewIssue priority with subtasks : not with closed issues2015-05-22 13:36Issues
19920RedmineDefectNewTime entry view : Reports tab issue2015-05-22 12:34Time tracking
19919RedmineFeatureNewAlert for issue changes2015-05-22 10:48Issues
19914RedmineDefectNewConflicting Fields Permission X Workflow X Subtask2015-05-21 20:36Issues workflow
19904RedmineDefectResolvedThere is no option "Move issue" in Roles and permission menu2015-05-23 09:21Documentation
19903RedmineFeatureNewChange textfield to textarea for "Exclude attachments by name"2015-05-21 11:55Email receiving
19893RedmineFeatureNewRest API: when changing an issue, control whether email notifications are generated2015-05-20 23:25Email notifications
19886RedminePatchNewComment field length for wiki edits is unnecessarily short2015-05-19 22:48Wiki
19885RedminePatchNewComment field length for time entries is unnecessarily short2015-05-19 22:52Time tracking
19882RedmineFeatureNewClean up plugin directory2015-05-19 14:39Website (
19880RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackIncorrect syntax for links in Markdown2015-05-23 09:20
19869RedmineFeatureNewConsider increasing the size limit of description and note columns for tickets2015-05-17 23:50Issues
19861RedmineDefectNewActivities "save" and "reset"of project setting have no effect if required "activities" custom filed exist2015-05-17 06:22Time tracking
19855RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackSlow time to run querys 2015-05-16 02:14Performance
19852RedminePatchNewIs it possible to lock % done in redmine 3.x?2015-05-15 11:44
19851RedminePatchNew[Feature] Require password re-entry for sensitive actions (sudo mode)2015-05-19 13:35Accounts / authentication
19850RedmineFeatureNewQuote multiple comments2015-05-15 10:18
19844RedmineFeatureNewNew Add New Members Input Interface is harder to use than previous version2015-05-14 21:51UI
19843RedmineFeatureNewSelect what page to navigate to2015-05-14 21:46UI
19842RedmineDefectNewUser allowed to manage public queries in any project, can create public query visible to everyone for ALL projects2015-05-14 17:38
19840RedmineDefectResolvedMissing validation for description size of versions2015-05-23 08:52Project settings

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