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23195RedmineDefectNewsearch occurred 500 error2016-06-29 12:05Search engine
23192RedminePatchNewAdd the new pagination style in the activity page2016-06-29 07:13UI
23189RedmineDefectNewSpent time by filter, offset by one day2016-06-29 10:52Time tracking
23183RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackLDAP password policy not checked when changing password2016-06-28 13:30LDAP
23180RedminePatchNewMake the issue id from email notifications linkable to issue page2016-06-29 10:20Email notifications
23179RedmineFeatureNewAdd heading to table of contents macro2016-06-27 19:05Wiki
23175RedmineDefectResolvedTicket overview table on project page (from 3.2) exposes trackers to user roles with insufficient permissions2016-06-28 22:58Projects
23172RedmineDefectResolvedTickets can be assigned to users who are not available in specific tracker2016-06-28 22:31Issues
23171RedminePatchNewUpdated translation for Simplify Chinese and Traditional Chinese (r15582)2016-06-27 08:01Translations
23153RedminePatchResolvedPlugin hooks for custom search results2016-06-28 21:09Plugin API
23152RedmineDefectResolvedSub projects still appear in closed Overview2016-06-28 21:17Projects
23151RedmineDefectNewdone_ratio calculation with multi-level sub tasks and estimated hours2016-06-23 15:36Issues
23146RedminePatchNewShow revision details using the same structure and look from the journals details2016-06-25 10:41UI
23144RedmineFeatureNew+menu: make menu items dynamic, i.e. context dependent2016-06-23 08:34
23143RedmineFeatureNew+menu: allow creation of sub tasks as well2016-06-28 22:36
23140RedmineFeatureNew"Mail Notification" override for tickets submitted via email2016-06-22 15:47Email receiving
23137RedmineFeatureNewCompleted versions on Roadmap: Sort it so that recently created versions are on top2016-06-27 13:31Roadmap
23134RedminePatchNewUpdated Korean locale2016-06-22 09:09Translations
23131RedmineFeatureReopenedPlugin load order defined by inter-plugin dependencies2016-06-23 10:05
23124RedmineDefectNewif Time logs visibility: Time entries created by the user is turned on for the role, Issue's spent time is not displayed2016-06-21 01:25Issues
23119RedmineFeatureNewHook for deleted issues2016-06-20 13:02Hook requests
23117RedminePatchNewTraditional Chinese translation (to r15581) 2016-06-20 10:02Translations
23116RedmineFeatureNewAdd attribute "active" for issue status to save issues history and hide status from main interfaces when the statuses became unneed2016-06-20 09:50Issues workflow
23108RedminePatchReopenedChange Japanese translation for text_git_repository_note2016-06-19 16:43Translations
23103RedmineDefectNewWiki in Markdown syntax mode improperly renders successive headers.2016-06-18 22:06UI

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