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23964RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackProcessing by WikiController#show as PNG/JPEG Missing template, responding with 4042016-09-30 18:00Attachments
23963RedmineDefectNewBulk editing issues from various projects take us to Redmine's root (no project)2016-09-30 15:15Issues
23962RedmineDefectNewRedmine Out of Memory Exception when exporting issues with lots of columns (> 50) to PDF2016-09-30 12:50PDF export
23959RedminePatchNewIssue copy form load wrong data when user can't create issues in the copied issue project2016-09-29 21:58
23955RedmineFeatureNewSet sudo mode timeout to 02016-09-30 17:22Accounts / authentication
23954RedminePatchNewShows the date of the last activity on Projects administration.2016-09-28 22:02Administration
23952RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackValues in user fields are sorted by ID and not by name2016-09-28 22:55UI
23947RedminePatchNewSingle issue edit from context menu fix2016-09-28 08:18Issues
23946RedminePatchNewNews appearance2016-09-28 08:51UI
23940RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackPrivate issues notifications2016-09-27 12:45Email notifications
23932RedmineFeatureNewUpdate TinyTds to recent version.2016-09-26 13:10Gems support
23922RedmineDefectNewTime Entries context menu shows activities not available for the time entry's project2016-09-25 09:48
23921RedmineDefectNewREST API Issue PUT responds 200 OK even when it can't set assigned_to_id2016-09-23 19:24REST API
23916RedmineDefectNewUser not initialized before logged in or profile opened2016-09-23 18:47REST API
23912RedmineDefectNewValidate date input2016-09-23 15:03Time tracking
23908RedmineDefectNewLDAP Authentication not working2016-09-23 18:50LDAP
23907RedmineFeatureNewProvide explicit and expressive feedback for circular dependencies2016-09-22 15:50Issues
23895RedmineDefectNewemails with Auto-Submitted2016-09-22 11:52Email receiving
23894RedmineFeatureNewExpose repository through REST API2016-09-26 16:35
23892RedmineFeatureNewSwitch date pickers embedded in browsers or bundled in redmine2016-09-22 14:58UI
23889RedmineFeatureNewAssign ticket (SCRUM bug, issue etc.) to multiple projects2016-09-22 09:00
23888RedminePatchNewshow an error message when changing an issue's project fails due to errors in child issues2016-09-22 08:21Issues
23883RedminePatchResolvediOS 10 ignore disabled Zoom2016-10-01 09:45UI - Responsive
23882RedmineFeatureNewAllow issue number in allow_overrides2016-09-21 15:42Email receiving
23878RedmineDefectConfirmedIssue closing causes error if issue priority default is not defined and issue priority is caluculated by sub issues2016-09-21 14:56Issues

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