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26237RedmineFeatureNewREST API for related wiki page in version2017-06-22 12:50
26222RedmineFeatureNewautamtique filling of a date after status change 2017-06-21 18:04
26200RedmineFeatureNewImprovement of precedes/follows relations in setting start/end dates2017-06-19 20:21Issues planning
26184RedmineDefectNewhow can i add my wiki page option in dropdown list of personalize this page as my page on redmine 3 2017-06-17 13:12Wiki
26155RedmineFeatureNewShow projects' hierarchy in 'Spent time' report2017-06-15 04:29Time tracking
26154RedmineFeatureNewQuickly created new issues2017-06-15 11:41Issues list
26148RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackRedmine v3.3 import fucntion , Custom field only support Text format ?2017-06-15 14:39Importers
26145RedmineDefectNewAccessing URL for a disabled module generates a 403 error2017-06-12 23:41Files
26139RedminePatchReopenedFollow Gemfile's plugin loader as #240072017-06-18 13:57Plugin API
26127RedmineFeatureNewDisplay user logins on profiles2017-06-12 10:49Accounts / authentication
26122RedminePatchNewImplementation of visible conditions with inner join instead of subselect2017-06-09 08:57Performance
26105RedmineFeatureNewUpdate Redmine Brand2017-06-06 18:29
26104RedminePatchNewQuick jump to issue only if searching for issues2017-06-25 17:03Search engine
26096RedmineFeatureNew[API] Get custom field by id2017-06-09 09:16REST API
26091RedminePatchNewAllow to filter by any visible version on the global issues view2017-06-16 15:44
26090RedmineDefectNewSome small issues found during review of r16029 for #24407.2017-06-25 11:09Translations
26087RedmineDefectNew<pre></pre> with included URL is displayed wrongly2017-06-02 08:09
26085RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackSubtasks are not assigning to correct parent2017-06-01 21:45Issues
26084RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackIn my Overview coloumn did n't show bugs count.2017-06-15 09:58
26081RedmineFeatureNewAllow full_width_layout long-text custom fields to appear in the issue list like 'Description' (as a block column)2017-06-02 11:12Issues list
26079RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackImpossible to add member to a project2017-06-13 16:16Project settings
26066RedmineDefectNewSelenium::WebDriver doesn't work with current version of Firefox2017-05-29 16:48Gems support
26045RedmineFeatureNewDoes API REST show fields added by plugins?2017-05-26 02:52REST API
26043RedminePatchNewWhen creating a new wiki page from a button, want to set the parent page automatically.2017-06-23 18:55Wiki
26034RedmineDefectNewWiki PDF generated files displayed but not printable on Mac2017-05-24 17:55PDF export

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