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20922RedmineDefectNewCrear Login2015-10-06 18:43
20915RedmineDefectNew email notification isn't send to 2015-10-06 18:12
20912RedmineDefectResolvedFirst email notification isn't send to user2015-10-06 14:39Email notifications
20911RedminePatchNewJapanese wiki_syntax_detailed_textile.html translation update2015-10-06 12:32Translations
20910RedmineDefectNewWiki HTML export bugs2015-10-06 12:15Wiki
20906RedminePatchNewFix mulitple tab navigation highlighting and content hiding2015-10-05 19:11UI
20904RedmineDefectResolveddoes not work issue statuses2015-10-05 16:02Issues
20903RedmineFeatureNewViewing tasks2015-10-06 09:36Groups
20902RedminePatchNewJapanese translation update (r14643)2015-10-05 05:32Translations
20900RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackEmail not truncated when use deleted2015-10-06 08:08Accounts / authentication
20896RedmineFeatureNewEnabling PDF export setting2015-10-03 19:36PDF export
20895RedmineFeatureNewNeed a refinement for gantt chart2015-10-03 05:00Gantt
20892RedminePatchNewSpanish translation for r146372015-10-02 14:49Translations
20891RedmineFeatureNewLDAP on-the-fly creation: option for initial status of account2015-10-02 10:21LDAP
20888RedminePatchNewAdd a button in the textile formatting toolbar to convert tabulated text into a table2015-10-01 12:09Text formatting
20882RedmineDefectNew% done : progress bar blocked at 802015-09-30 17:47Issues
20871RedmineDefectNewCHROME, Using Scroll Wheel for Multi-select List Custom Fields is not User-Friendly2015-09-28 22:41UI
20866RedmineDefectNewRemove alternating row colors or make it optional2015-09-28 13:33UI
20841RedmineDefectNewNo "external" class when bare url is used in Markdown formatter2015-09-26 05:49Text formatting
20837RedminePatchNewBulgarian translation2015-09-25 09:30Translations
20831RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackjournal_details table reverted value and old_value back to String on update from 2.6.0 to 3.1.12015-09-25 14:54Database
20830RedmineFeatureNewProject specific default value2015-09-24 15:41Custom fields
20829RedmineFeatureNewSupport tel for phone numbers in wiki2015-09-24 15:25Wiki
20822RedminePatchNewPrivate issue notifications2015-09-23 12:54Email notifications
20821RedmineFeatureNewRepeat a task2015-09-25 07:51Calendar

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