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28354RedmineDefectNewWrong menu option for enabling REST API in docs, can't fix it2018-03-16 15:33Documentation
28352RedmineFeatureNewDate custom field color2018-03-16 09:28Issues
28343RedmineDefectNewError to save custom query2018-03-16 07:36Issues filter
28340RedmineDefectNewPlugin Tutorial doesn't work2018-03-15 09:00
28339RedmineDefectNewSome parts are unseen with dark theme.2018-03-15 02:13UI
28338RedmineFeatureNewMake Redmine Email Delivery compatible with ActiveJob2018-03-14 16:49
28331RedmineDefectNewParagraph mark is not displayed when h4, h5, and h62018-03-14 07:34Text formatting
28330RedmineFeatureNewThe link to the wiki section should highlight the linked section as well as the issue's note2018-03-14 03:41UI
28328RedmineFeatureNew"Manage files" permission should be split to add and remove2018-03-14 02:51Permissions and roles
28327RedmineDefectNewUse of 'Feedback' term instead of 'Notes' in Edit-event2018-03-13 12:48Activity view
28325RedmineDefectNewCopy of project fails2018-03-12 17:11Performance
28322RedmineDefectNewCommit messages referencing issues should stop at line breaks2018-03-12 14:28SCM
28321RedminePatchNewChange Japanese translation for "in use"2018-03-14 02:31Translations
28312RedmineFeatureNewOption to automatically add user as watcher to an issue if they edit an issue they're not currently involved with2018-03-09 11:46
28309RedmineDefectNewError when query filter model inherited from other class which inherited from Query2018-03-08 12:55Code cleanup/refactoring
28308RedmineFeatureNewvalidation at date of spent time2018-03-08 12:14Issues
28304RedmineDefectNewMove tests related to textile syntax to dedicated TextileFormatterTest class2018-03-07 09:24Code cleanup/refactoring
28303RedmineDefectNewDocumentation needs tutorial for installing Redmine 3.4 with Apache on Ubuntu 16.04 2018-03-07 02:51Documentation
28302RedmineDefectConfirmedSecurity notification when changing password on password forgotten is empty2018-03-07 09:17Email notifications
28299RedmineFeatureNewGet issue by group2018-03-06 07:45REST API
28298RedmineFeatureNewGet issues by login2018-03-06 07:43REST API
28295RedminePatchNewShow name changes in diff preview2018-03-14 02:42Attachments
28267RedmineDefectNewNew, empty repositories show white, 404 error page instead of the empty repository view2018-02-28 19:29SCM
28264RedmineDefectConfirmedGlobal and public custom queries are shown as editable to non administrators in projects.2018-03-08 08:14Issues
28258RedmineDefectNewTicket is invisible on other Roadmap, if target version of another project is selected2018-02-28 07:19Roadmap

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