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18134RedminePatchNewIssues with svn:mergeinfo property values and r13443 rails-4.1 rebase.2014-10-20 06:05Code cleanup/refactoring
18129RedmineFeatureNewInsert spent time when creating new issue2014-10-18 17:14Issues
18128RedminePatchNewMake User profile 404 rendering more consistent (and speed up Users#show API)2014-10-18 15:57Code cleanup/refactoring
18126RedmineFeatureNewAllow setting up version hierarchy2014-10-17 13:46
18122RedmineFeatureNewproblems with ms sql database - permissions solved2014-10-17 11:01Documentation
18120RedmineFeatureNewThumbnail link with better image name2014-10-17 02:02Attachments
18114RedmineFeatureNewRestricted Admin Rights2014-10-16 09:55Administration
18113RedmineDefectNewREST API KEY doesn't work with basic authentication2014-10-16 21:29REST API
18095RedmineDefectConfirmedUnable to submit time entries via REST API for activities that have become project-specific2014-10-16 21:30REST API
18094RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackList custom filed with multiple values displayed as check boxes cannot be unchecked 2014-10-15 10:42Custom fields
18093RedmineFeatureNewPlease add the permission "can see project members" to the roles, or better an "hidden member" attribute for roles or memberships2014-10-14 14:52Permissions and roles
18084RedmineFeatureNewGet list of all issues in which user has entered Log time2014-10-14 06:44Time tracking
18079RedmineFeatureNewEmployee Leave consideration in Task Start Date and End Date Calculation2014-10-13 09:01Issues
18068RedmineDefectNewCopying Projects & Parent Child Issues2014-10-10 23:59Issues
18066RedmineDefectNeeds feedback404 Error when Creating New Issue2014-10-13 07:58Issues
18060RedmineDefectNewSelected projects in email notifications on "my account" are lost when the page is redisplayed after a validation error.2014-10-10 16:04Email notifications
18059RedminePatchNewActivity when issue change assigned to.2014-10-12 01:18Activity view
18058RedmineDefectNewWrong redirect after saving changes to a version2014-10-17 08:28Roadmap
18055RedmineDefectNewWiki page "HowTo Configure Fail2ban For Redmine" contains incomplete/misleading instructions2014-10-10 07:32Documents
18051RedminePatchNewCancel button on issue edit view2014-10-09 11:25Issues
18046RedmineFeatureNewFreeze Column Header in Issue List 2014-10-09 06:58Issues
18043RedmineFeatureNewLinks to anchors inside the page should be pagename-independent2014-10-07 14:29Wiki
18042RedmineFeatureNewLink to a specific repository in another project2014-10-07 13:17Wiki
18037RedmineFeatureNewdefault status per workflow2014-10-07 04:16Issues workflow
18033RedmineFeatureNewRequest for property header name change2014-10-07 13:02Translations

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