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24525RedmineFeatureNewTeam Foundation Server Repository Integration2016-12-02 16:17SCM
24524RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackNo API key on User Page2016-12-02 16:57REST API
24523RedminePatchNewsource: ignore .idea 2016-12-02 16:19
24521RedmineFeatureNewAdd time contingent for projects2016-12-02 14:32Time tracking
24520RedmineFeatureNewUse more secure hashing algorigthm2016-12-02 14:27Accounts / authentication
24513RedmineFeatureNewSearch result - show custom field and values in search result2016-12-01 15:03Search engine
24509RedmineDefectNewSSL Certificate expired for svn.redmine.org2016-12-01 01:17Website (
24506RedmineDefectNewOn changing many issues to project with custom required fields, fields doesn't show, transfer doesn't work 2016-12-01 05:00Custom fields
24503RedmineDefectNewIMAP fetch ignores ssl switch2016-11-30 17:48Email receiving
24490RedmineFeatureNewMake subtask list collapsible when viewing 2016-11-29 18:09UI - Responsive
24484RedmineDefectNewWrong order of rows with empty custom fields2016-11-29 09:43Custom fields
24477RedmineFeatureNewCSV export feature for thousand of issues2016-11-28 19:50
24473RedmineDefectNewCSV Export Very slow for issues with lots of Custom Fields2016-11-28 16:18
24469RedmineFeatureNeeds feedbackIn the Gantt chart I'd like to add a new row function sequentially same as a ticket tab by order2016-11-29 00:31Gantt
24457RedmineDefectNewProgress of version should be calculated the same way as parent tasks2016-11-29 11:37Roadmap
24451RedmineDefectNew Migrate multiple trac to a redmine2016-11-24 20:16Importers
24446RedminePatchNewCall `view_issues_timelog_form_bottom` hook2016-11-24 11:24Hook requests
24442RedmineDefectNewWhen exporting Wiki to PDF, monospaced fonts are not rendered correctly in PDF2016-11-24 08:36PDF export
24439RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackUable to add module on My Page2016-11-26 09:54My page
24435RedminePatchNewAdd `view_account_contextual` and `view_account_list_buttons` hooks2016-11-23 15:25Hook requests
24434RedminePatchNewLink Redmine Issues to Mercurial Branch name2016-11-23 05:37SCM
24433RedmineDefectResolvedThe changeset display is slow when changeset_issues has very many records2016-11-26 16:09Performance
24426RedmineDefectNewsqlserver2014:chang issues parentId success but view is wrong2016-11-24 07:47
24402RedmineDefectNewsqlserver2014: db:migrate failed2016-11-21 04:52Database
24399RedmineFeatureNewEnhance referencing and fixing issue in commit message (e.g. no space between words)2016-11-24 14:43SCM

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