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25719RedmineFeatureNewDefining the which role/permission propagate to sub projects2017-04-27 23:55Project settings
25703RedmineFeatureNewFilter involving relations inter fields2017-04-26 17:38Issues filter
25702RedmineDefectNewExporting wiki page with specific table to PDF causes 5002017-04-26 16:50PDF export
25701RedmineFeatureNewDynamical dates in import issues functionnality2017-04-26 13:42
25692RedmineFeatureNewAdd current quarter to date filters2017-04-25 09:06Issues filter
25688RedmineFeatureNewSettings changing board title2017-04-24 15:12Forums
25687RedmineDefectNewBad translation in french2017-04-24 16:55Translations
25686RedmineFeatureNewMake the issues sidebar menu use accordion with JQuery2017-04-24 13:45Issues
25667RedmineFeatureNewGeneralise implementation of view / controller hooks for easier plugin development2017-04-21 12:24
25664RedminePatchNewTraditional Chinese translation (to r16543)2017-04-21 06:26Translations
25653RedminePatchNewFix NoMethodError on HEAD requests to AccountController#register2017-04-20 13:52Accounts / authentication
25648RedmineFeatureNewPDF export without history2017-04-27 15:14PDF export
25647RedmineFeatureNewMax Character Length of Fields e.g. Roles, etc.2017-04-20 11:42
25635RedmineDefectResolvedFill/update customer field in workflow2017-04-20 11:36Custom fields
25634RedmineDefectConfirmedHighlight language aliases are no more supported2017-04-24 08:19Text formatting
25628RedminePatchNewBetter wording for issue update conflict resolution in german2017-04-20 05:01Translations
25625RedmineFeatureNewTurn issue numbers into UUIDs2017-04-17 19:34Issues
25616RedmineFeatureNewChange format of the changelog (both on and in the shipped changelog file)2017-04-16 09:55Documentation
25613RedmineDefectNewThe buttons appears one above the other and hide the options in android operating system2017-04-16 00:22
25612RedmineDefectNewlogin to site with uncorrect email adress and uncorrect password2017-04-16 00:12Security
25607RedmineDefectNewUsers can't see issues they've been assigned to.2017-04-18 23:53Permissions and roles
25606RedmineFeatureNewSending email while changing subject line2017-04-14 05:53Email notifications
25605RedmineDefectNewThe '{{toc}}' macro is not included in the list of macros when using '{{macro_list}}'2017-04-14 07:26Text formatting
25604RedmineDefectNewRedmine does not appear to strip leading spaces from new issues2017-04-13 16:10Issues
25596RedmineDefectResolvedwhen creating a new issue, custom fields for trackers don't update on tracker change2017-04-13 02:12Issues

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