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List tracker as radio buttons

Added by Jean-Claude Wippler over 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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This bites me all the time - forgetting to choose the proper tracker when submitting a new issue.

One way to draw more attention would be to use a horizontal row of radio buttons instead of the current pop-up list. Then all the choices are right there in front of you the moment you start entering an issue.

An extra reason this matters is that different areas in Redmine will have different choices, which is not instantly obvious each time you enter a new issue somewhere ...


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#3 Updated by William Roush over 10 years ago

I'd prefer the ability to make it default to blank, and not allow you to proceed until selected, being as radio buttons are going to mess up the layout with anyone that has a large number of trackers (while I find those setups silly myself, I've to fight against doing that where I work).

#4 Updated by Jean-Claude Wippler almost 10 years ago

Or switch from radio to popup, if the list is longer than say 4 or 5... best of both worlds, perhaps.

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