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Calculating issue done ratio based on "Estimated Time" and "Spent Time" - selectable by project (not globally)

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The current implementation

Currently "issue done ratio" can be calculated by 2 different methods:
  1. Use the issue field
  2. Use the issue status
    Additionally, these settings can only be made globally (over all projects).

How we would like it to be

Different calculation method by project

For some projects, we would need the calculation to be done by status and for others we would need it to be by the issue field. Thus, In our opinion, this setting should be selectable by project (with a default value to be set in the global administration settings).

Issue calculation based on "Estimated time" / "Spent time"

It would be really helpful if there was an option to calculate the issue completion based on the "Estimated Time" and "Spent Time" data fields.
  • We offer our customers a certain amount of hours for a dedicated project task.
  • Then we report "Spent Time" as usual.
  • The time reported might exceed the estimated time
  • The system should calculate the issue done ratio based upon these two fields for such a kind of project
  • When the reported time exceeds the estimated time the green progress bars should show 100% and become red. This way our customer, who observes the project tasks, always sees what's going on and which projects exceeds the assumed costs.


  1. In our opinion it would make more sense to have the issue done ration calculation method selectable by project (and not only globally)
  2. It should also be possible to calculate the issue done ration based upon "Estimated Time" and "Spent Time"

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Besides, we should be able to add another field with the estimated remaining time and use it to calculate a more realistic done ratio. Something like this:

1) Starting:
Estimated Time: 8 h
Spent Time: 0 h
Remaining Time: 8 h
% done: 0 %

2) Halfway:
Estimated Time: 8 h
Spent Time: 4 h
Remaining Time: 4 h
% done: 50 %

3) Some delay:
Estimated Time: 8 h
Spent Time: 8 h
Remaining Time: 4 h
% done: 50 %
And since Spent Time + Remaining Time > Estimated Time, we have a delay, and then we should get the red bar to signal it. :D

This way we can get a more reallistic %. What do you think?


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