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TimeTracking full audit history

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Time tracking
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My company is currently considering a move to new PM software as well as new time tracking software. It would be great if we can get Redmine to be the solution for both, but it seems like after a careful analysis of requirements, we need to have full auditing capabilities of time that is logged. So, if someone deletes or modifies an entered time, it must be logged (maybe delete can just be an update to 0), and when someone adds time that also must be logged (when I say logged, it must get a timestamp and userid associated with it). Furthermore, the full log must be retrievable, ideally in CSV or something we can get into a spreadsheet and sort, similar to the current spent time CSV that exists in Redmine, but perhaps with a field to represent whether it was the "final" value or not. Then we can do the spreadsheet magic to process timesheet reporting that we need, after the fact. Alternatively, instead of using a "final" field, you'd just want to uniquely identify the "spent time" items, so it was clear when an update was made to the same item in the CSV report. Personally, I think I'd like the "final" value because it seems like it will make the spreadsheet formulas easier.

Anyway, at any rate, my company has determined that we need full auditing capabilities on time logging in order to adopt Redmine. I think this will also be a problem for any company trying to meet certain USA guidelines for time tracking. It would be great to see this feature implemented in a release soon, if at all possible!

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