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Dates in issue journal

Added by Martin Valensky over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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I use MS SQL 2008R2.
The problem is if I change the start date or due date on issue. The values are written to journal and in table journal_details are values and old values in format like mm-dd-yyyy, but the function for date conversion expects another format.
Problem is in file issues_helper.rb:

when 'due_date', 'start_date'
    value = format_date(detail.value.to_date) if detail.value
    old_value = format_date(detail.old_value.to_date) if detail.old_value

The workaround is to create custom function like this:
def format_date_mva(str_value)
    return str_value

and replace in code:
when 'due_date', 'start_date'
    value = format_date_mva(detail.value.to_date)
    old_value = format_date_mva(detail.old_value.to_date)

It shows wrong date format so this is cosmetic bug. I can live with that because I use it for private projects.

I'm running on 2.2.0

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I'm closing it, MSSQL is not supported.

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This was not a cosmetic bug, dates were not stored in journal_details as expected.
This is fixed in r11117, see #12713.

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