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Allow replies to original issue e-mail to add issue notes

Added by mark burdett over 11 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

Email receiving
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When an issue is submitted to Redmine via e-mail, and a carbon-copied recipient replies to the original e-mail, the subject will not include the issue number. This reply (and future replies) result in the creation of additional new issues.

This patch allows the mail handler to lookup the issue by subject, and add the reply as a note on the original issue. If no matching issue is found, it falls back to adding a new issue.


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Updated by mark burdett over 11 years ago

Updated patch - find the most recent issue matching this subject, in case there are multiple issues with the same subject.

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 11 years ago

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Updated by Timothy Fawcett about 11 years ago

Two comments:
  1. Would be nice if the UID of the message was stored with the email/issue so that could be used to match these replies with the original email
  2. Would be best (to avoid adding notes to the wrong issue) to also match the author to one of the email recipients. Would normally reply to all which would include the issue creation email address as well as all that was on the email, including the original author.

Thank you for this...

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Updated by mark burdett over 10 years ago

This new version of the patch catches an edge case: If the issue subject starts with "Re: ", then replies to the original e-mail will not add an additional "Re: " in front: We need to search for the whole e-mail subject as the issue subject, rather than removing the "Re: " prefix from the e-mail subject.

Actions #5

Updated by Maicon Zucco almost 9 years ago

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your solution. Isn't the best, but works.
You know how is possible to implement those validations too?
  • validate project
  • validate if issue is open
  • validate if sender is author, assigned_to or watcher of task


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Updated by mark burdett almost 9 years ago

Noticed this patch was formatted incorrectly. Haven't had a need for the validations, but it's a good idea if someone wants to add it to the patch.

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Updated by mark burdett about 8 years ago

This patch was using deprecated finders; now should work on current version of redmine.

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Updated by Snir Sh about 8 years ago

Can you help please?
I used the command "patch -p0 < path/redmine-issue-reply-match-by-subject.patch" to apply the patch.
What should I do now to start using it?


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Updated by Bahri Yardim almost 8 years ago

This patch addresses a lacking feature in a great way.

Thumbs up for the patch and issue.

This should be a core functionality.

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Updated by Bahri Yardim almost 8 years ago

@Snir Sh
If you don't know how to patch a ".patch" file. Open it in a text editor and patch the file manually. You can understand which line to change when you examine the ".patch" file.


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