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404 Error when referencing different project source files in the wiki syntax

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When posting the following message, referencing source files from two different Redmine projects, I get an invalid link: the first referenced project is kept when generating the second link, instead of using the project of the current demand.

"[...] (see project1:r30671) [...] in source file source:my_file.cpp@10371#L347" 

The first generated link is: http://server/redmine/projects/project1/repository/revisions/30671 . It works fine.
The second generated link is: http://server/redmine/projects/project1/repository/revisions/10371/entry/my_file.cpp#L347. It is invalid because it refers to project1 while my demand is about another project.

If I only write the second link:

"[...] (see r30671 of project1) [...] in source file source:my_file.cpp@10371#L347" 

then the generated link works fine:
http://server/redmine/projects/project2/repository/revisions/10371/entry/my_file.cpp#L347 where project2 is the current project.

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Revision 11258
Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

Wrong redmine link after referencing an object from a different project (#12930).

Revision 11361
Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 9 years ago

Merged r11258 from trunk (#12930).


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Fixed in r11258, thanks for pointing this out.

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