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Admin should receive the field restriction from its role

Added by F Schroedter almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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For custom fields we can set the option "required" that affects all roles and all issue status even for the admin. For more individual configuration we set workflow -> field permissions. The problem here is that field permissions do not allow restrictions for the admin.

We want that the admin receives the field restriction from its role in a project.


#1 Updated by Dipan Mehta almost 10 years ago

+100. Well, yes, I was about to file this as a defect.

Workflow works fine as far as state transitions are concerned it adheres all state transitions for your given role on that project irrespective of whether or not you are site Admin. However, the field permissions - just doesn't apply (across any role, any fields, any tracker) - are just ignored and no fields behave as "read-only" or "required" in any state.

I think this is more of the omission of some kind rather than an intended behavior. But let me tell you this is very painful. Typically, I am myself an admin, but I have to keep logging out and logging in and I have also suspended others from being admins only because otherwise normal workflow doesn't work properly whey they are doing project's work!

I strongly request this should be fixed as soon as possible.

#2 Updated by Dipan Mehta almost 10 years ago

Any feedback on this?

Is this an intended behavior or is this a defect?

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