Defect #14324

Moving Repository to another URL forces losing of manually added commit relations

Added by Vito Marolda over 9 years ago.

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Resolution: Affected version:2.2.2



We use Git repository.
When someone in the team forgets to mention "IssueID #xxx" in the commit text (or for any other reason), we manually add the link between the commit and the issue directly from Redmine, opening the "commit" page, and clicking "Add" in the "Related Issues" section.

Now, I am trying to migrate the git repository from a path to another, but since changing the URL is not possible, I followed the suggestions found around to change the repository URL: delete, then add the repository (with the same repository name).

So, I tried "delete" and then "add" (with the same repository name and a different path), but in this way I'm losing all the links between the commits and the issues that were made clicking "Add" in the commit's page in Redmine.

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