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19:02 Redmine Feature #4939: List of tasks filtered as OR and not AND


18:35 Redmine Feature #7849: custom issue relation types
+1 For this feature: our workflow would be "feature x implement request y". _Anyway_, a new type of custom field whi...


11:43 Redmine Feature #28539 (New): journal query
Just like issue query, but for journals: we could see all the journals for an entire project with its subprojects, or...


09:37 Redmine Patch #25066: Sort order with null placement (NULLS FIRST, NULLS LAST)
Hello thank you very much for your job!
I am interested in your patch, and I would like to test it.
All patches mus...


12:18 Redmine Defect #27533: Cannot change the priority of the parent issue in issue query context menu when pa...
I have fixed my installation. Attached the patch. Fortunately it was very simple. I am not a Ruby programmer.


20:09 Redmine Defect #27533 (Closed): Cannot change the priority of the parent issue in issue query context men...
Also if Tracking settings are set to have parent priority independent of children, the context menu in issue query ha...


10:34 Redmine Defect #20994: You can not change the priority of the parent issue
Hello, the issue still affects Redmine 3.3.1.
!Redmine Version.PNG!
!Tracking settings.PNG!
!Priority grayed out...


10:47 Redmine Feature #617: wiki: thoughts of WYSIWYG
Is this feature request scheduled somewhere in the near future? (Nearly)-seamless copy/paste of text/images/tables to...


10:39 Redmine Defect #14324 (New): Moving Repository to another URL forces losing of manually added commit rela...
We use Git repository.
When someone in the team forgets to mention "IssueID #xxx" in the commit text (or f...


11:55 Redmine Plugins: RE: XLS export plugin
Thank you for your great work!
I use this plugin rev. 0.2.1.t2 and I found an issue: I created a custom field for is...

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