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Encrypt email notifications and accept encrypted incoming mail

Added by Marcel M over 10 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Email notifications
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When Redmine sends e-mails due to ticket updates the emails may contain sensitive information.

Thus it would be great if the user could upload his S/MIME certificate to redmine (next to where he enters his e-mail address)

All mails sent to the user will then be encrypted.

Instead of SMIME other encryptions standards could be used but my favorite one is SMIME

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Updated by Jan from Planio over 10 years ago

  • Subject changed from Encrypt emails with SMIME to Encrypt email notifications and accept encrypted incoming mail
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Our colleague Jens here at Planio has something in the works using PGP/MIME which is IMHO a much better option than S/MIME, especially for an open source project like Redmine.

I will submit it here for discussion once it's ready. It is based on his open source Mail::Gpg gem. For the interested, there's a lengthy blog article about it.

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Updated by VaibhaV Sharma over 9 years ago

Any update on this feature? We would love to have SMIME enabled on at least email notifications. Incoming email SMIME processing can be handled later.

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Updated by Mike - over 9 years ago


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Updated by Alexander Blum over 8 years ago

I implemented PGP encrytion:

It's tested using redmine 3.1.0, although it may work with other versions as well. Feedback is appreciated, especially regarding compatibility.

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Updated by Lu Pon over 3 years ago

Hello Alexander, I created an issue for installing on 4.x ->

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Updated by Lu Pon over 3 years ago

I found a forked updated version:


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