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Editing subversion log message does not update 'Repository' view

Added by Guest Test about 12 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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If you make a commit to subversion then update your Redmine 'Repository' view (either by clicking it with autofetch enabled, or running something like

/usr/bin/ruby /home/redmine072/script/runner "Repository.fetch_changesets" -e production

And then subsequently edit the log message for the commit using something like tortoisesvn's edit log message functionality, the updated log message is not detected by Redmine, even after re-running the "Repository.fetch_changesets" script.

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#1 Updated by Patrick Oppenlander about 12 years ago

This was reported by me, accidentally added it using the guest account, sorry about that.

#2 Updated by Paul Rivier about 12 years ago

fetch_changsets fetches new changesets. On projects with tens of thousands of revisions, this sounds rather natural not to parse them all because some bits in the log messages may have changed. If you want to reparse it all, kill it then add it again.
It has been discussed in a previous issue to have a "re-evaluate" facility for automating this process, but I don't know if it eventually lead to an implementation or not.

#3 Updated by Patrick Oppenlander about 12 years ago

That makes sense (we have 30,000+ revisions, and it certainly takes a while to import them)!

However, couldn't the problem be solved with an appropriate post-revprop-change hook (could detect if svn:log has changed)? All that Redmine needs to do is be able to re-parse a single commit which could be specified on the command line.

A feature to "background" scan the repository and update any changed commits would also be great.

#4 Updated by Thomas Lecavelier about 12 years ago

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Definitly not a defect, barely a feature request... Closing.

Feel free to fill a feature request related to that issue if needed.

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