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Simple Phone Number and Address List for Users

Added by Jamie Hardt almost 16 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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This patch adds a "Contact" tab to the normal user edit page, and within this provides a mailing address list and phone number list; many addresses and numbers may be added to a user based on locations such as "home," "work" etc. I'm not sure if this is completely within the scope of the project, and, but I provide it as is with the hope that it's useful.

The changes from #1628 are roughly as follows
  • A migration adding a table to hold address and phone number data.
  • Several model classes to represent extended contact data:"Address", "PhoneNumber", "ImAccount" and "ContactUrl". These inherit from an "AddressMultiValue" base ActiveRecord class and all use the single table added by the migration.
  • A tab is added to the user view helper code, along with a partial for viewing the contacts
  • Simple views for adding new contacts and addresses
  • Unit and functional tests for these, with some fixtures
Some things that could be done to improve this further include:
  • Allow editing of addresses and phone numbers; at this time you may only add new or delete existing.
  • Import from CSV or vCard
  • Export to PDF/CSV/vCard
  • Provide a list of default location values thru a combobox


user_address_list.diff (35.3 KB) user_address_list.diff diff file, from rev #1628 Jamie Hardt, 2008-07-05 23:30
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Updated by Anonymous almost 16 years ago

I am new to RedMine, and we are currently implementing an installation in our company. I think the above mentioned feature makes a lot of sense for us, since we are using Redmine also for the whole Documentation and also for the Project Management of the whole projects. Therefor an easy way to contact e.g. a customer is very welcome, and this is exactly what we are looking for.
IMHO this should be a plugin or a standard feature of RedMine. A Plugin would be nice though :-)

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Updated by Bruce Svare about 11 years ago

Updating Old Issues:

Already Implemented as Custom fields. An administrator can add any number of fields to the user screen.


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