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Inconsitent wiki history functionaility

Added by Daniel Felix almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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Replace this source:trunk/app/views/wiki/history.html.erb#L25 line:
<td class="checkbox"><%= radio_button_tag('version_from', ver.version, (line_num==2), :id => "cbto-#{line_num}") if show_diff && (line_num > 1) %></td>

<td class="checkbox"><%= radio_button_tag('version_from', ver.version, (line_num==2), :id => "cbto-#{line_num}", :onclick => "$('#cb-#{line_num-1}').attr('checked', true);") if show_diff && (line_num > 1) %></td>

This way the click behaviour on the second checkbox row (to) would be the same as on the first (from).

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#1 Updated by Daniel Felix almost 9 years ago

Sorry for the wrong patch. This should be the right thing.

<td class="checkbox"><%= radio_button_tag('version_from', ver.version, (line_num==2), :id => "cbto-#{line_num}", :onclick => "if(#{line_num-1} >= $('#cb-#{line_num-1}').attr('id').replace('#cb-','') ){$('#cb-#{line_num-1}').attr('checked', true);}") if show_diff && (line_num > 1) %></td>

This way, the from box is just raised if the from value is older than the to value.

#2 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 9 years ago

Could you provide a diff for this?

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