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Custom text formatting for issue links

Added by Jeff Pierson about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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I've noticed that for issue links in commits there exists the capability of specifying a list of acceptable prefixes in order to trigger the linkification. What I would like is to a similar type of setting for issue links within the rest of the system, especially with issue notes/comments.

The main motivation behind this request is that recently we have converted from Bugzilla and have various comments throughout our system in the following forms:

bug #123
Bug 123
Bug #123

What would be great to see is some way to specify an issue prefix similar how it is done for repository commit messages where I could specify a list like "bug#,bug #,issue#,issue #" and have it cover all of the above cases. This is especially important because I can foresee some variation in how people enter these in comments I would like some control over adjusting how Redmine picks them up.

Ideally in terms of admin user experience it would be great to just specify a regular expression for the match that contains the issue number as a capture. Having this setting used both for commit messages and issue notes/comments makes a lot of sense to me too instead of having them be configured separately.

I do also remember digging into the Redmine source code a few years back to see if I could hack my way through customizing Redmine to support our specific desired prefixes but don't remember where I got with it or where I was checking. I'm not a Ruby guy but if somebody could give any pointers on where one could get started I would not mind doing as much as I can to contribute to a possible workaround or feature to support this.

One another similar note we have several revision references in the following form.

Revision: 123
Author: somebody

The main issue we are interested in is the issue linking as the revision details should eventually come through as linked to the issues once we get that portion of our Redmine configuration figured out. As for the historical comments, we can always go through and parse then and add in the relevant links manually.

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This should have been entered as a feature request. Could somebody please make that change that has more permissions than myself?

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Jeff Pierson wrote:

This should have been entered as a feature request.


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+1 I've been looking for this all day.

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