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workflow's status-transitions' header-column & header-row pan & scroll out of view when numerous issue-statuses

Added by Daniel Miller over 8 years ago.

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When quantity q issue-statuses are provisioned and where q is large, the matrix of status-transitions is a square with q+1 entries on each side: 1 header plus q issue-statuses. The defect is that the header-column should not pan horizontally and the header-row should not scroll vertically; only the q-by-q square of {checkbox, >>} should pan horizontally & scroll vertically, not the entire q+1-by-q+1 square.

If A) the header-column were fixed/frozen as non-panning and if B) the header-row were fixed as non-scrolling and if C) only the q non-header columns were panned horizontally and if D) only the q non-header rows were scrolled vertically, then the user would not get lost in the massive q-by-q table of {checkbox, >>}s when panning to the rightmost extreme and scrolling to the bottommost extreme.

For reference, most spreadsheets (e.g., Microsoft Excel) have a way of freezing/fixing the header-column(s) from panning horizontally and a way of freezing/fixing the header-row(s) from panning horizontally (e.g., Window > Freeze Panes with the adjustment of which cells are to the left and above the resulting +). Note however in Redmine, there is strictly only 1 header-column and only 1 header-row, so the functionality is not a free-form choice of possibly-multiple header-columns and of possibly-multiple header-rows, as there may be in general in spreadsheets. Because of this convenient degeneracy, there would be no such adjustable + in Redmine, as there is for example in Microsoft Excel.

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