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Users Custom Field: Ability to Set as Read-Only Within "My Account" Page

Added by Monica Kochofar almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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These are custom fields in which appear within the admin's "New User" account creation page, and if chosen by the admin, in the user's "My Account", and "User Profile" pages.


There is no option to make the User Custom Fields set to "Read Only" by non-admin users. Instead, within the User Custom Field settings, there is a checkbox labelled "Editable", in which, when checked, allows the user to both view and edit the custom field under "My Account".

As a side note, there is indeed a checkbox labelled "Visible" under the User Custom Field Settings. I would assume that this could be what resolves this feature request, however, when the "Visible" checkbox is checked but the "Editable" checkbox is not, the User Custom Field still does not appear under the "My Account" page.

Feature Request

The request is to allow an option to set a user custom field as "Read Only" on the My Account page. A suggestion would be to extend the functionality of the "Visible" checkbox option available ( #1738 ) to help fulfill this request.

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Updated by Michael Esemplare almost 10 years ago

It seems the current paradigm is that "read-only" custom fields will not show on edit pages.

For example when setting a custom field for an issue as read-only (using the workflow) you will not see the field upon editing the issue.

When selecting "My account" you are essentially editing my account. To view your account and see the "read-only" user custom fields, just click your username in the top right corner (left of "My account").

What do you guys think of "Read-Only" custom fields being rendered as disabled inputs or labels?

As an aside,
It seems the "Visible" attribute for Project custom fields does nothing. Currently the code just renders all custom fields regardless of that attribute.

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 10 years ago

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