Feature #18609

Elevate to admin mode for authorized user instead of always working at admin level

Added by Scott Cunningham about 8 years ago.

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It would be nice to allow users that are "administrators" to work as a normal user unless they need to elevate to admin level to fix/alter something (same idea as sudo in linux - I can be admin, but only when I need to be admin).

Redmine requires one user / one email. I am one of several Redmine administrators. We like to know which admin did something (not just generic admin login). I don't like to work at admin level all the time (can't see correct workflows, delete stuff when I should not, etc). I cannot create a second work email. I could create another account at admin level using my personal email (for password recovery), but don't want to mix business with personal...

Possible implementations:

  1. Username append
    • username login = normal user mode
    • username-adm login = same user but at admin level
  2. Login addt'l step
    • login as username
    • check if admin possible for username
    • popup box "Login with Admin Rights?"
  3. Other methods?

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