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Provide activity graphs

Added by Thomas Capricelli over 14 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:2008-10-01
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Redmine has all information to draw activity graphs for a project. It would be the same as
current "/projects/activity/<name>" but using a graph. The X axis would represent time. Ideally there could be

  • one line/graph for each kind of activity (tickets, wiki, news...) the use could select what is displayed
  • a 'total' graph summarizing it all

And, in a perfect world, it would even be possible to compare activity of different projects on the same graph :)


#1 Updated by Thomas Capricelli over 14 years ago

Somehow related to #1517, but why restric oneself to trackers ? :)

#2 Updated by Thomas Capricelli about 13 years ago

This project (of mine) kind of provide 'activity' for mercurial repositories.

The code is available. I'd be happy to port this to redmine and to display activity for all 'sources' (commits, news, forums, wiki...), but i know nothing about ruby or rails. Despite this, i would be happy to help.

#3 Updated by Dipan Mehta almost 10 years ago

+1. This would be interesting to see.

#4 Updated by Fernando Hartmann almost 10 years ago

+1 really nice

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