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Extend homepage with forums and admin pages

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One of the things I love about Redmine is that each project can be independent and can serve as a complete website using the Wiki and Forums for each, but I'm starting to realize this is a double-edged sword.

Because of this the current homepage seems useless, especially if people use bookmarks to get to the respective project.

I think there should be support to add primary forums for the entire community, with the link being displayed in the top bar beside the "Home" or "Projects" links; This way each project can have their own forums with content specific to their needs, but there is also a forum to bring all the projects' "sub"-communities together for more common subjects of discussion.

There should also be pages that only the admin can control so we can put up information regarding the entire site, rather than per project. Things like Privacy Policies, Disclaimers, Contact Us, etc. These are only a small amount of pages that could relate to all projects but I'm sure others can think of many more uses.

Both the forums and admin pages should be managed via the admin panel, since it's not linked to any individual project.

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#1 Updated by Anonymous over 13 years ago

Been a while so I figured I'd do some cleaning up :)

My first idea of a global forum relates to #964 and #3048
And my second idea of admin pages would no longer be needed if a 'global wiki' was put in place so it duplicates #381 (which in turn is duplicated by #907 and #1040)

#2 Updated by Dipan Mehta over 9 years ago

Add related #1040 (Global wiki)

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