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Select who receives email notifications for new or updated whatever.

Added by David Martorana over 14 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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For forum messages, issues, news, etc., whenever an update is made, there should be an option to notify certain users - a la Basecamp (sorry for the comparison). This would allow me to make sure that an issue is brought to someone's attention without the need to assign it to that person. Same with messages - the ability to mail the new message to a select group of people or everyone or no one (minus of course those that are watching, which will override the setting on per-submission).



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#1 Updated by Octavian Cacina over 14 years ago

For Issues you have the Watchers list, as r1712. For the other items (messages, wiki, news) I think it is not possible right now, though would be cool.

#2 Updated by Jerome Vanthournout about 14 years ago

I think this would be very useful.

#3 Updated by Peter Edstrom almost 14 years ago


We've set up a number of weekly emails with http://nouri.sh to accomplish this. It's a bit of a hack (and a pain to manage with new users), but it lets the default email setting stand "issues I watch or am involved in". This way we don't overburden the users by changing it to send email "for any event...".

#4 Updated by Gary Watson almost 10 years ago

I would be happy to just see a watchlist for forums like it exists for issues. An admin could click the users he wants to be subscribed to various forums then he could start using the forums to communicate with them.

Seems like an ideal way to manage communication with a small team or with clients.

there is another ticket that makes this suggestion more explicit


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