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17:31 Redmine Feature #2911: Add time filter to issues summary report
+1 to time filtering on the issue summary report.
We like to report number of tickets per day/week/etc and this pa...
Peter Edstrom
17:16 Redmine Feature #2035: Issue reporter should be editable
If I get a phone call, walk-up, or direct email, I would like to record the ticket "on behalf of" the author an...
Peter Edstrom


15:44 Redmine Defect #3162 (Closed): line through / cross out in IE6
Is there a workaround for IE6 and displaying the line through / cross out for completed bugs?
On the versions/sho...
Peter Edstrom


17:17 Redmine Feature #2708: Require Category
See also #703 and #582 for slightly different takes on this.
We use inbound email, where a category can be ...
Peter Edstrom


20:40 Redmine Feature #2064: Select who receives email notifications for new or updated whatever.
We've set up a number of weekly emails with to accomplish this. It's a bit of a hack (and a pai...
Peter Edstrom


04:21 Redmine Help: RE: Sending notification e-mails with different "From" addressess for each project
I use multiple inbound email addresses (one assigned to each project), and a generic outbound email address. Users ar... Peter Edstrom


02:24 Redmine Feature #1277: Add iPhone specific view
+1 Peter Edstrom


22:52 Redmine Defect #1190: Custom querry 'Export to PDF' ignores field selection
+1 Peter Edstrom


04:00 Redmine Defect #2185: Timelog Details returns data, Timelog Report does not
Just noticed that the report works if I log in as a non-administrator. Is there a specific permission I should disabl... Peter Edstrom
03:49 Redmine Defect #2185 (Closed): Timelog Details returns data, Timelog Report does not
When I look at Timelog details, I see records and details, but clicking "report" and choosing any grouping returns no... Peter Edstrom

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