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Syntax help for inbound email features

Added by Frank Helk over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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I'm just playing around with the "inbound email" features, and I'm kind of stuck while setting fields from incoming emails. Besides of the twists with the role rights (which I've worked my way thru), finding the correct field names and values/formats seems to be a real hassle ...

So I like to request a simple, dynamically generated, downloadable help file for that.

Since there are many project and settings specifics, it should be accessible from the the project configuration page's "Information" tab and reflect the project's settings. The link could be placed similar to the "PDF" download link on issue pages and be named i.e. "Specs for inbound Email PDF|CSV". The content of the file, in PDF or CSV format would contain all fields that could be set with an incoming email, iterating thru all acceptable values for all enumerable fields and giving format/content hints for the rest; it could i.e. read

Field-Spec Value

Project: project-id
Status: New
Status: Assigned
Status: Feedback
Status: CustomState
Due Date: <Date: YYY-MM-DD>
Start Date: <Date: YYY-MM-DD>
CustomString: <String: 0-12>
CustomNumber: <Integer: 20-999>

Due to the location of the link the access to that hint would be limited to project admins. For more flexible usage, there could be a setting to place such a link on the project's main page, too, whose visibility could be controlled by a role permissions setting.

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Updated by Frank Helk over 8 years ago

Alternative implementation idea:

Could be probably implemented as built-in macro fields(project, tracker, field), i.e.

|{{fields_defs()}}|would return the list mentioned initially| |{{fields_defs(project)}}|would return the list narrowed down to the fields in the project| |{{fields_defs(project, tracker)}}|would return the list narrowed down to the fields in the project which are available in the given tracker| |{{field_def(project, field)}}|would return the list narrowed down to the given field in the project.|
(probably more variants ...)

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