Defect #22

New Wiki , cannot create new page.

Added by Jeffrey Jones about 15 years ago. Updated about 15 years ago.

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Based on SVN trunk.

When I created a new Wiki and tried to access the new wiki home page I would get the following error

NoMethodError (undefined method `empty?' for nil:NilClass):
/app/controllers/wiki_controller.rb:47:in `edit'
/app/controllers/wiki_controller.rb:27:in `index'

Changing the following line (47 in wiki controller)

@content.text = "h1. #{@page.pretty_title}" if @content.text.empty?
@content.text = "h1. #{@page.pretty_title}" if @content.text.nil?

Appears to have fixed it for me, not sure what I have broken yet by doing this ;)


#1 Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 15 years ago

Thanks, i've just fixed in trunk.
Used .blank? instead of .nil?

This was a regression due to the "mysql strict mode"


#2 Updated by Thomas Lecavelier about 15 years ago

This patch correct the bug on my redmine for me too.

Also available in: Atom PDF