Feature #26105

Update Redmine Brand

Added by PJ Legendre over 5 years ago.

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I strongly believe that re-evaluating the Redmine brand would help the Redmine community grow. I would like to propose making several changes that I believe would accomplish this:

  • Update default theme to look modernized and make the included themes cooler (dark, light, and standard) or even include free RedmineUp themes.
  • Include and promote popular, must-have plugins such as time tracking, scrum, CRM, and CMS, and even integrate them officially into Redmine if possible.
  • Update he landing page to convey features using a nice layout and images, not just text.
  • Make the default markup language Markdown since I believe it is more widely used.
  • Update the documentation and Linux packages.. so much of it is outdated and irrelevant. It took me an entire day to get the latest version of Redmine installed on Ubuntu 16. Most people would have given up.
  • Team up wit RedmineUp and Redmine plugin devs to make Redmine officially theme-packed, feature-packed, and modern.

Any chance we could make this happen? I see too many competitors popping up that offer a fresher take on Redmine, I don't want Redmine's community to thin just b/c it looks outdated. :(

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