PJ Legendre

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Reported issues: 3


07:36 Redmine Help: Cannot get Redmine 3.4.4 installed on Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache
I have been trying to install Redmine 3.4.4 on Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache for two days now and have made no progress. I...
02:51 Redmine Defect #28303 (New): Documentation needs tutorial for installing Redmine 3.4 with Apache on Ubunt...
I have spend 12 hours attempting this and have gotten nowhere. I see reason for it to be this difficult to install Re...


18:29 Redmine Feature #26105 (New): Update Redmine Brand
I strongly believe that re-evaluating the Redmine brand would help the Redmine community grow. I would like to propos...


05:29 Redmine Feature #25517 (New): I want to use the Redmine time tracking more loosely than currently required.
We use the Bestest Punch Clock for Redmine plugin to track how much we work. We usually include a category and a comm...

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